1900 Calories Diet for Weight Loss – Tamil

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Women should eat around 1900 calories per day. Learn different meals plans that are low calorie and nutritious.

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Daily Diet for Weight Loss (1900 Calories)


  1. Scrambled egg sandwich with lettuce and a glass of milk
  2. Poha or Upma and Egg nog/Grilled paneer sandwich with vegetables and cold coffee
  3. Oats with milk and Multi-grain bread egg sandwich

Mid Morning Snack:

  1. Sprouts and fruit
  2. Besan-suji vegetable cheela and a fruit
  3. Kala chana salad and lassi
  1. 1 Bowl (medium) of dal and 1 bowl (medium) curd, 2 chapati and seasonal vegetable
  2. Bean salad, toasted garlic bread and fruit yogurt
  3. Grilled chicken and vegetable sandwich
Evening snack:
  1. 1 cup tea (with milk & sugar) and 2 multi-grain biscuits
  2. Strawberry shake and a slice of toasted bread
  3. Paneer-vegetable sandwich (small) and a cup of lemon tea


Grilled fish / paneer/ chicken with tossed vegetable, multi-grain bread and dark chocolate
Palak-paneer, 1 chapati, suji halwa
Mix-dal-suji-vegetable cheela, bowl of salad and dark chocolate

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