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Alcohol blackouts can happen when you drink more than your capacity. Shilpa tells you why should you drink responsibly. 

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Alcohol Blackouts

In our new series "The Naked Truth" Shilpa gives honest answers to the sex and health related queries.

Q. A 23-year-old girl from Punjab asks, “My friend and I went out last weekend and she got so drunk that she doesn't remember parts of the night. Is this dangerous?”

A. It is an alcohol induced blackout. When you drink so much that as your sense shut down, so does your temporary memory, like retrograde amnesia. This can happen in short time spans such as moments or seconds or for hours at a time when someone has no recollection of her actions, thoughts, or events of the night, though seemed to be acting coherent at time. This is not just for alcoholics but those that binge drink as well.

Overconsumption of alcohol holds many long-term effects such as a cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart disease, hypertension, and addiction. Aside from health risks, you are also susceptible to physical harm if you are not aware of your actions such as driving drunk, having unprotected sex, and engaging in violence.

Its okay if you and your friend choose to indulge in alcohol but do so responsibly, which means avoiding drinking to a point of black out.

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