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Breaking of hymen doesn't indicate if the girl is a virgin or not. Know more about breaking of the hymen.

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Breaking Your Hymen

In our new series "The Naked Truth", Shilpa gives honest answers to sex and health related queries.

Q. A girl from Delhi writes: After my PT (Physical training) class I found blood in my underwear, but my periods hadn't started. My friend said that I broke my hymen. But how is that possible, I never had sex?

A. A hymen is a membrane that surrounds external vaginal opening. Every girl is different, the  hymen can tear, break or stretch through first time sex or penetration but that is not the only way a hymen can be broken. A hymen can also be impacted after a sport game or injury like falling of the bike. Probably an aggressive activity in PT class led to the breaking of the hymen. This doesn't mean you are not a virgin. A broken hymen is not a sign of lost virginity.

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