Cardiovascular activity recommended per week

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Cardiovascular activities are those that use your large muscles and increase your heart rate. They help in pumping more oxygen to the cells in your muscles that further lead to fat burning and strengthening the heart. So how much cardiovascular activity is recommended in a week?

Cardiovascular activity per week

How much cardiovascular activity is required in a week?

To decide the amount of cardiovascular activity a person needs in week to stay fit and healthy, we look at a variety of factors.

  • Most importantly, we look at the amount of calories the person is ingesting from food. These include all food groups such as carbohydrates, fats, sugars and proteins.
  • The next thing to consider is the amount of physical activity a person is getting through their general daily routine.
  • The person's height, weight and age are also factors that help to determine physical activity required to maintain the right weight and proper body composition.
  • Any illnesses or disabilities the person suffers from should also be taken into account.

Cardiovascular activity is then recommended, depending on the above factors.

In general though, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences suggests 60 minutes of daily vigorous physical activity for an average Indian adult. This recommendation is over above the equivalent of 60 minutes of exercise you might be getting by routine daily activities like climbing stairs or doing laundry. So you are expected to get a full hour of exercise every day either by intense jogging at a park, or a vigorous gym workout.

But is this one hour of intense exercise really necessary?

The amount of cardiovascular activity suggested is backed up by references from scientific studies and an hour of exercise per day is deemed suitable for maintaining proper cardiovascular health, favourable body weight and composition. But the debate that seems to be going on among experts and fitness enthusiasts is whether an hour of exercise a day is really necessary after all. This is because people can easily gather up 60 minutes of physical exercise in a day by performing other physical tasks like walking, running, swimming, cycling or aerobic dances. For instance, walking can be a low-impact, low-intensity form of exercise and can be done throughout the day to accumulate the necessary amount of physical activity required. Fast walking or climbing stairs or even walking up a hill can be a good aerobic exercise and can be performed in intervals.

Some experts even recommend that too much cardiovascular exercises can in fact be detrimental to the body and workouts can be broken down into five 30 minute cardio sessions per week. Doing more than an hour of daily vigorous exercise is advocated by people who seem to prefer a more intensive way of living. Other believe that exercising for 20-30 minutes five days a week may not be a good workout for people wishing to lose weight but might just be enough for those interested in general physical well-being.

So what does one do?

The bottom line is that at least 30 minutes of strenuous cardiovascular exercise a day is a must for everyone to stay physically fit and keep their hearts healthy. If you've never exercised before, start with 15 minutes a day and increase it gradually to 30 to 45 minutes.

Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise that can be taken on by anyone, irrespective of a gym membership.

If you're bored by the thought of taking endless circles around a park or on a treadmill, consider taking up a sport like tennis or badminton. Working up a good sweat is excellent exercise as well.

Remember, whether your lifestyle is sedentary or more active, devoting special time towards exercise is a must for healthy living.

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