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Getting your first period might be the most talked about issue amongst girls. And you may have questions on how frequently you should be changing your sanitary pads. Our host Shilpa is here to help!

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Changing Sanitary Pads

In our new series "The Naked Truth" Shilpa gives honest answers to the sex and health related queries.

Q. A 13-year-old asks: "I just started my period, but I'm not sure how often to change my pad or sanitary towel."

A. So, this can be a little tricky as it really depends on how thick or thin you pad is and how heavy your flow is. Pads can usually absorb a significant amount of blood but you don't want to till it is fully absorbed, because that will be heavy and uncomfortable for you. Generally, it's a good practice to change every four to six hours to cut down on odour and irritation. But it's all up to you - your personal preference - so you can check it out if you want to change earlier or later. Whatever it is, even during your light days don't wait more than six hours before changing.

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