Difference between HIV and AIDS – In Malayalam

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World AIDS Day - When does HIV turn into AIDS?

Am extremely illuminating chat with Dr Glory Alexander, director of Asha Foundation, where she explains the difference between being HIV + and having full-blown AIDS in Malayalam.

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Dr Glory Alexander reveals some important and incisive facts about HIV and AIDS:

  • 87% of Indians infected with HIV get it through the sexual route
  • A pregnant woman who is HIV + has a 25 - 45% chance of transmitting it to her child
  • HIV does not equal AIDS. A person with HIV can lead a fairly healthy life for many years after being diagnosed

The five most frequently asked questions about AIDS

How do you tell when a person has AIDS?

This is done by monitoring the person's CD4 count. The normal CD4 count of a person is between 500 to 1500 cells/cubic mm of blood. When this CD4 count falls below 200, the person is said to have AIDS.

For more information, contact the Asha Foundation at ashaf.org or 080-23543333/2222

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