Don’t shun the sun – Benefits of sun exposure

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Sun exposure is a blessing in disguise. Discover the top 5 reasons why you should be getting enough exposure to the glorious sun.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t shun the sun

1. The vitamin factor

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that most of the vitamin D synthesis and absorption happens when you are outdoors. Staying indoors just to avoid tanning and UV exposure is not a wise idea. In fact, spending a few quality minutes outdoors, like taking your pet for a walk, or practicing yoga asanas in the lawn help you soak up the much needed vitamin D that keeps your immune system strong.

Studies have demonstrated the efficiency of vitamin D in preventing disorders such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and many grave diseases like cancer and heart disease.

 2.To get a whiff of fresh air

Holistic medicine speaks of prana - the life force energy that plays a vital role in maintaining health and wellness. This prana is replenished and energized by breathing fresh air for just a few minutes. Breathing in a pollution-free environment is known to have innumerable benefits to your body, not to mention your mind too.

 3. For that twinkle in the eye

Staying indoors for most of the time probably means spending more time at the computer or the TV. Obesity and eye problems start at your couch and if you work out at your treadmill indoors, it's time to reconsider. Walking on freshly watered grass and jogging in public parks is more likely to keep your eyes healthy.

 4. To attain mental peace

Psychologists have researched on how sun exposure is capable of bringing about mental clarity. What they discovered is huge. People getting sun exposure daily are 20 times more efficient at their workplaces and are more cheerful than those staying indoors.

People practicing outdoor activities are much less prone to stress and depression, and are more agile and have better memories than the others.

 5. To get charged

Sun exposure has its own unknown ways of boosting your mood and energy levels, and no one can argue with that. Living life survives on the earth due to the presence of sunlight, and that’s proof enough that spending a few minutes in the sun improves your stamina and stability.

Musculo-skeletal stability is highly boosted and blood pressure is more easily maintained by regular outdoor activity.

Photographs by mDhil

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