Flash those pearly browns? The top 10 causes of teeth stains

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Unsightly brown and yellow stains on teeth can ruin the best of smiles. While there are procedures available that can help get rid of these stains, it’s good to know what causes them, so they can be prevented from occurring. 

top 10 causes of teeth stainingTop 10 causes of teeth stains

1. Tobacco

Using tobacco and its product like khaini, gutka, supari etc continue to be one of the chief causes of staining teeth in the Indian population.

2. Poor oral hygiene

Improper and irregular brushing can lead to accumulation of plaque and calculus (tartar) on the teeth, making them appear yellow. Just another reason why regular brushing is one of the best habits you can inculcate in your daily routine.

3. Food and beverages

Drinks like tea, coffee, colas, red wine and some darkly coloured fruits and vegetables are also responsible for causing stains on teeth. At times, even some forms of acidic food products like energy drinks or citrus foods can lead to erosion of the enamel, thus leading to an increase in the transparency of the enamel. Due to this, the yellow coloured dentine becomes more visible, making the teeth appear yellow.

4. Ageing

Research shows that there is a direct connection between one’s age and the colour of one’s teeth. Regular wear and tear of the teeth makes them appear dull and more yellow with increasing age.

5. Medication

Medicines like iron tablets, antihistamines or excessive use of Chlorhexidine mouthwash can lead to tooth stains. Consumption of tetracycline (antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections like urinary tract infections and acne) by pregnant women or by anyone for a long term can lead to permanent stains on teeth.

6. Fluorosis

Fluoride, either consumed through water or toothpaste in excess can lead to dental fluorosis. This fluorosis can present itself as varied stains on teeth.

7. Smoking

Smoking remains one of the most common and avoidable cause of staining teeth.

8. Grinding habits

The habit of grinding teeth can lead to the abrasion of the edges of the teeth, thus making them appear yellow or as if they’ve been stained brown.

9. Enamel Hypoplasia

This is a condition that presents itself as a chalky appearance of the tooth enamel. It can be seen some systemic diseases like rickets or alkaptonuria (a rare inherited genetic condition).

10. Trauma in children

If the tooth of a child is hit, it could lead to haemorrhaging of the blood vessels inside the tooth. can lead to cracks on teeth and eventually stains. Apart from this, tooth decay also leads to black stains on the teeth.

Written by Dr Neha Sarda, Aesthetic Dentist

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