Healthy breakfast ideas you can make in a jiffy

Healthy breakfast ideas you can make in a jiffy

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The importance of breakfast cannot be stressed enough, especially in our fast-paced lives where our days begin early, and we require enough fuel to keep us going through the day. Which is why we brought you healthy breakfast options you could incorporate into your daily diets. And now we're back with another installment of healthy breakfast options for you.

Healthy breakfast ideas you can make in a jiffyHealthy breakfast ideas you can make in a jiffy

Curd and fruits
There's no denying the goodness of curd. For a smart and filling breakfast option, chop up a bunch of fruits, like bananas and apples and add them to a bowl of curd, top it up with some muesli and chopped walnuts and you've got yourself a quick and delicious breakfast that's also highly nutritious.
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Egg sandwich
Boil an egg and slice eat it on a wheat toast with a slice of tomato, some low fat cheese and lettuce and you've got yourself a delicious breakfast that'll keep you going for hours.
The health benefits of an egg - explained here.
Ditch your regular cereals and try some muesli instead. Fortified with fruits and nuts, muesli is a healthy and convenient breakfast option. Have it with milk or curd and stay full and energised for hours.
Fruit smoothie
Improve on your basic milk shake by going in for a smoothie instead. Toss your favourite fruits like bananas, apples or pears into the mixie with a bowl of curd and a spoon of honey. Run the mixie and voila, your smoothie is ready. Delicious and filling, it's the perfect breakfast option for the summer.
Oats are an excellent breakfast option as they're not only rich in fibre, but also excellent in reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. Start with the simple ready-to-eat variety option available in the market and you'll find it convenient and filling.
Baked beans with toast
For a break from the usual egg and toast or cheese and toast combination, try baked beans with toasted wheat bread. Super simple and filling, this breakfast gives you the right combination of protein and carbohydrates to keep you going for a long day ahead.

Peanut butter and wheat bread
Peanuts are rich in antioxidants and give you the instant boost of energy you need. Try some home made peanut butter and have it with whole wheat bread for a nutritious and energising breakfast.

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