How a Kid Growing Up in the 90s Learnt About Sex

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If you were a school going girl in India in the 90s, chances are, your sex-ed came from a few legitimate and mostly dubious sources.

Adolescent kids have always been curious about sex. But with all the stigma and mystery attached to it, getting real information on the subject can become pretty difficult. And before the internet became such an integral part of everyone's lives, it was almost impossible for a child to have any questions answered!

Here are some funny, but unfortunately real ways a school kid growing up in India in the 90s found out about the big S. Maybe some of these will be familiar to you too!

How a Kid Growing Up in the 90s Learnt About Sex


1. Through women's magazines Agony Aunt columns 

Sex information through women's magazine

2. Through American soap operas

Sex education through soap opera

3. From a Kamasutra sneaked into school

Sex education through kamasutra

4. From government sponsored Doordarshan promotions

Sex education through Doordarshan promotions

5. From Bollywood movies 

Sex education through bollywood

6. From Mills & Boon romance novels

Sex education through mills and boon

7. From that one girl in class who claimed to know everything

Sex education through oversmart classmate

8. Through the poetry of pop songs

Sex education through pop songs

9. From the time that pervert flashed all the girls outside school

Sex education through a pervert

Illustrations by Divya Sunder Rajan

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