Nina Manuel’s health secrets

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Ever wondered what it takes to look like a supermodel? Why not just find out from one herself? mDhil had an exclusive chat with model and TV show presenter Nina Manuel on her fitness and beauty regimen. Here’s what she had to say!

Nina Manuel’s health secrets

Q. Nina, you'll always be known as one of India's supermodels. Over the past few years, you've moved from mainstream modelling to hosting shows. Is being and looking fit as important to you even now or do you take it a little easier?

A: Fitness has been a part of my lifestyle from way before I became a model, so there is no taking it easy. I still do cardio and weights as regularly as I can. I believe in the saying "To feel good is to look good" and one of the ways to feel good is by exercise. It is a great way to start your day.



Q. What's your fitness regimen like these days?

A: I do cardio thrice a week and weights thrice a week. There are times I skip a day or two but I am only human!

I exercise for an hour everyday. I used to use the cross trainer for the longest time but now I have started running, alternating it with brisk walking at an incline. And the weights are not heavy weights at all. I use them just for toning. In the summer I try to include Pilates to the days that I do my cardio.

I just recently got back to New York, so I need to start my training sessions with my trainer. He has these amazing classes called T Rex classes, which I’m looking forward to trying. From what I understand, it’s exercise with some kind of band.

Nina Manuel discusses health

Q. How about food? Is there anything you make sure you eat or avoid eating?

A: I am a pure non-vegetarian. And I mean it! So I have to make a conscious effort to eat some greens. I try to stay away from junk food as much as possible. And I try to eat home food as much as possible as I dislike eating out.



Q. Tell us about your skin and hair care regimen. Any secrets you swear by?

A. I only use the creams and face washes given to me by my dermatologist. Even though I live in New York I make sure that I have all his products stocked with me. They are way better than using all the other products I have used in the past.

I also put oil in my hair at least once a week and I try to do a deep conditioning treatment once in 2 weeks.


Q. In a country obsessed with fairness, you've established yourself as a leading model not only in spite of, but because of your sultry glowing skin. Was it difficult to break into the business?

A: It was not difficult to break into the scene. I knew what my strengths were and I focussed on those.


Q. Any health/fitness/diet advice for our readers?

Drink lots of water. Exercise regularly, sleep well and try to stay away from alcohol. That is the worst thing you can do to your body.

Eat greens, stay away from junk food and most importantly, stay positive!


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Photographs courtesy Nina Manuel