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A beautiful person inside and out, Princess Diana lived a very public life of ups and downs. Her life was cut short by a tragic accident over 10 years ago, but the princess continues to hold a special place in the hearts of all her fans around the world.

Princess Diana – mDhil Diva

Who is Princess Diana?

The ‘people’s princess’, as she was known during her time in the Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana was the very glamorous wife of Prince Charles of England. Known for striking good looks, her impeccable sense of style and her warmth and compassion, Diana was one of the first few royals who threw herself wholeheartedly into social causes.

Princess Diana, the ‘people’s princess’

21-year-old Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in July 1981 in what was referred to as a fairy tale wedding. Unfortunately, the fairy tale didn’t last forever and the two divorced in 1996. However, in the 15 years that she was a royal, Diana went onto carve a special place in the hearts of those whose lives she touched.

Breaking the mould of the stiff British who were against showing any emotion, Diana was openly sympathetic and empathetic towards those she met and was generous with her hugs, her laughter and her tears.

Having lived a very public life in the eyes of the paparazzi put pressure on the princess to always look good and caused Diana to develop an eating disorder called bulimia, something she was later very vocal about and helped to shine a spotlight on.

Why is Princess Diana an mDhil diva?

A royal who could not be more regular, Diana personified many of the struggles modern women go through. Eating disorder, infidelities, a bad marriage and finally a divorce - Diana lived through her many trials and tribulations without the luxury of privacy. To her credit, she came out through it all with her dignity intact and without losing her special touch with her beloved fans. A beautiful life that was taken away too soon, Diana died in 1997 in a fatal car crash in Paris. Her legacy however, lives on forever.

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