Pros and cons of acrylic nails

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Acrylic nails are very popular and a lot of people find it convenient. However, are they right for you or is it just an extra bother? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of acrylic nails today.

Pros and cons of acrylic nailsEvery woman longs for a pair of well-manicured hands with long beautiful nails that don’t chip or peel or crack. So acrylic nails when they appeared in the market, were the answer to all such prayers, especially by women who were habitual nail biters!

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails, also known as nail enhancements are a type of covering glued to the tip of your fingernails to add length.

Though acrylic nails make your nails looks extremely lovely and seem like they don’t need any maintenance at all, they do have their advantages and disadvantages. Read on…

Pros of acrylic nails

  • Acrylic nails are an ultimate gift to women who bite their nails. Since acrylic nails are stronger than natural nails, they surely don’t break as easily!
  • Acrylic nails can take a lot of wear and tear when compared to natural nails, as they are much stronger. So, if you have weak or brittle nails which split or chip easily, these artificial nails may be a solution for you.
  • These nails are durable and an excellent option for those who are exceptionally hard on their nails.
  • If your job requires you to type all day and cannot afford to grow your nails, acrylic nails are the best option.
  • The nail paint of acrylic nails, when cared for properly, last longer than they do on natural nails.
  • With nail enhancements, you can choose the length of your nails.
  • You don’t have to maintain your nails for long periods of time.
  • In case the acrylic nails break, they can be fixed at home without the help of your beautician.

Cons of acrylic nails

  • Acrylic nails can damage your nail bed as your natural nails cannot breathe beneath the acrylic ones. When you remove the acrylics, the natural nails are almost always brittle and weak.
  • After removing the acrylic nails, be prepared to get along with average quality nails, as your damaged nail plate will take at least 10 months to regrow!
  • They may look beautiful and you may get the best beautician to fix it for you, but acrylic nails are fake and they will continue to look fake no matter how well they are done.
  • Acrylic nails do not help in repairing you natural nails. If your natural nails are weak and brittle, they will continue to be so. Application of fake nails does not mean you are protecting your original ones from wear and tear.
  • If your fake nails rip or twist, it can be very painful and may cause severe damage to your natural nails. So, remember they are not a substitute to your natural nails. In fact, you can have strong, healthy nails by eating a balance diet, drinking lots of water and milk.
  • Removal of the acrylic nails should be done with caution as the bonding material may cause damage to the nail below if it is not done properly.
  • Some women, especially those with breathing problems, may be allergic to the fumes and chemicals involved in the application of acrylic nails. It is advisable for pregnant women to avoid this treatment.

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