Self defence for women: Tips for 3 common situations of eve-teasing or assault

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Self-defence expert, Ashwin Mohan, gives you easy and practical self-defence tips that could save your life. Ladies, don't miss this!

Self defence for women: Simple self defence techniques!

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Ashwin Mohan of Savage Fighting Arts gives great self-defence tips for three very common situations of eve-teasing and assault that women around the country face all the time.

Situation 1 – Someone teases you as you walk down the street

When you get teased or commented on while walking on the streets, don’t feel compelled to respond to the teaser. Give him absolutely no attention and walk away. Doing this makes the person teasing you feel like his efforts were misplaced.

In a few rare cases, the guy’s ego will be so hurt, he might come and ask you why you didn’t respond. Here’s when you pretend to be deaf and dumb. Behave like you can’t understand what he’s saying, just push him out of your way and walk away.

This is a great way to confuse the teaser.

Situation 2 – You’re being felt up in a bus

Most women would’ve experienced this. You’re in a bus and someone sits next to you and starts feeling you up. Remember, this is not a mistake and you do not need to put up with it. This is what you can do - take a deep breath in, let out a big, fake sneeze and whack his face with your forearm or back of your hand.

If the first one doesn’t hit him, sneeze and whack him again!

He’ll get up and go away.

Situation 3 - Someone tries to snatch your chain

First of all, if you find yourself in a lonely spot like a huge parking lot of quiet street, remove your chain and put it in your bag or pocket. This way, you’re removing temptation.

Remember ladies, trust your instincts. If you feel like someone is following you or lingering around you, be alert.

You could even turn around and confront him, “Who are you? I’ve seen your face!”

This way, the potential thief will be deterred by your ability to recognise him in a police line up and will most likely walk away.

What if he does manage to grab your chain?

Suppose he does manage to grab your chain, grab his wrist and go closer to him. This way, you’re lessening the chances of your neck getting cut by the chain.

While grabbing his wrist, clip the assailant in the face with your elbow or the heel of your palm. The shock will cause him to lose his attention from the chain and his grip will loosen. At this point, rap his hand and pull it off your chain. Then, give him a push or shove and walk away.

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