Sex During Safe Period in Hindi

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Is there a safe period when it comes to sex? We get a question regarding this long-established legend, which Manraj answers in his usual honest and straight forward style.

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Sex during the safe period

In our new series, "The Naked Truth", Manraj gives honest answers to sex and health related queries.

Q. A viewer from Gurgaon tried to convince his girlfriend to have sex without a condom, during her 'safe period'. Is sex during this time truly fool-proof?

A. OK guys, the fact of the matter that if it's something 'fool-proof' you're looking for, your only true option is abstinence. That means not having sex at all.

The so-called safe period certainly reduces the odds of getting pregnant, but even that is not 100% and many young couples have got a nasty surprise with an unwanted pregnancy because they had unprotected sex during the safe period. Furthermore, unprotected sex during the safe period provides absolutely no protection from STIs like HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea etca. So remember to use protection whenever you have sex, safe-period or not.

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