Skincare tips: Home tips for beautiful, younger looking skin!

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Skincare tips: Home tips for beautiful, younger looking skin!

Why spend money on expensive parlour treatment, when you have a kitchen you can raid?

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This party season, you are bound to have late nights and back to back events to attend. Learn the secret to glowing skin with us as we chat with Swati Gupta, Creative Director, Body Craft spa and salon.

Simple tips for glowing skin!

  • Hydrate yourself: Carry a bottle of water wherever you go and keep sipping throughout the day. Your skin loves water! Try consuming at least 4 litres of water a day.
  • Watch your diet: Try including at least 4 fruits in your diet. Dry fruits also contribute to nourishment of your skin. Keep your food light, increase your intake of pulses and fish.
  • Stay sun safe: Sunscreen is a must if you are stepping out. Click here to know more about different sunscreens.
  • Moisturise your skin: Before putting on make up in the evening or going to bed, a coat of moisturiser is a must.
  • Face packs help: Once in a while, pamper your skin with face packs. Exfoliate your skin with scrubs which are easily available in the market or make your own with ground pulses!
  • Exercise: Sweating is great for your skin!

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