Strength training for women

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Strength training for women

Our fitness guru Fareed Majeed explains why strength training is so important for women.

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Why is strength training so important?

Fareed Majeed fitness expert, explains that the stronger you are, the quicker you can get to your results because you'll be able to do more work. Strength training always has to start with the person being well rested and having a goal, Fareed explains. The goal may vary from person to person. For a smaller person, it could be putting in some lean muscle. For a larger person strength training can lead to weight loss.

Some MUST do strength training work outs

  • Bent over row: An exercise to develop your back, some posterior strength and to strengthen your core.
  • Full push up or half push up: To strengthen your abs and spine.
  • Goblet squats: For burning fat and developing strength.

Watch the video to know how they're done correctly!

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