Suicides amongst children: Can we prevent them?

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 Every other day we hear about children ending their lives during exam time. Is there any way we can stop them?

Suicides amongst children: Can we prevent them?

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No doubt exams are stressful but when one hears of children and teenagers deciding to end their lives you cannot help but wonder if these suicides were preventable. Counselor Ajanta De speaks to mDhil about signs and symptoms you should watch out for in your child if you suspect something is amiss.

Signs that could indicate suicidal tendencies

  • Its important to remember that suicides are not a spur of the moment decision. There is a build up to it. So if you hear your child saying things like "I wish I don't wake up tomorrow" or hear them express death wishes, consider it a red flag.
  • If your child has suddenly started to isolate himself/herself.
  • If he/she has stopped being his/her usual self.

Here's psychiatrist Dr. Abha Bang talking about how suicides can be prevented. For more on how you can recognise suicidal tendencies, click here.

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