Teen couple discuss having sex – In Hindi

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The decision to have sex for the first time is a very important one, and one that requires a lot of thought and discussion. In this video, a young couple asks and answers some important questions about going all the way.

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Teen couple discuss having sex - In Hindi

Amrit and Sanjana (Sanju) are a college going couple who have been going around for some time now. Amrit is ready to take their relationship to the next level, and have sex. Sanju is also ready, but she has some doubts. Let's see how the couple discuss how to take things forward.

Some questions to ask before having sex

Having sex is a big step and needs discussion and clear thought. Here are some questions that should be asked before a couple decide to do it for the first time:

  • Are both parties ready to have sex?
  • What kind of protection should they use?
  • Are pills enough or should they get a condom?
  • Is trust enough to take the risk of not using protection?
  • Avoiding pregnancy is one thing, what about avoiding STIs?
Watch as Amrit and Sanju have that all important chat and the decision they arrive at.

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