Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Diwali

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Some food and fire safety tips that will make sure your Diwali is happy!

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Health tips for Diwali!

Heavy food, late nights, loud sounds and smoke-filled air… that’s Diwali for you! Follow these tips to guard against the perils of this otherwise wonderful festival!

1. Eat smart: If you have been partying until late, then eat less through the day. Before you head out, eat a small snack: choose from the likes of salad, fruit, soup, milk and yogurt. While festivals call for a huge spread, stick to 2 to 3 of your favourites so you don’t end up overeating!

2. Pick healthier desserts: If you are hosting a part, make sure you lay out healthier dessert options such as shrikhand (better if home-made), kheer and phirni. Milk sweets like pedas and sandesh are known to be relatively healthier options. Or just pop some dates, raisins or almonds for desert. Choose carefully while eating out, too.

3. Stay hydrated: Make sure you sip on water frequently. One it keeps you hydrated, the other it also helps satiate false hunger.

4. Say hello to healthy snacks! There are umpteen healthy snacks options in the market today, choose roasted, baked or barbqued options over the deep fried ones.

5. Go easy on the alcohol! Too much alcohol is no good for your body. It dehydrates you, could give you a hangover, leave you looking tired and haggard for the next day’s event, and not forget the extra pounds that you’ll gain thanks to it! Sip on some fresh fruit juices and water in-between your drinks and make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach!

6. Say ‘no’ to artificial sweeteners: Opt for sweet meats sweetened with natural sugar or jaggery, this Diwali. Studies suggest that your body doesn’t break artificial sweeteners down properly. In addition, Aspartame, an artificial, non-saccharide sugar substitute has been linked to cancer and brain tumour.

7. Here’s to mother earth! Diwali is a festival of lights! As clichéd as that line might sound, we can’t ignore the fact that we’d be doing everyone a huge favour by lighting up our homes and cutting down on the amount of crackers you burn. While it would be super awesome, if we all just said NO to crackers altogether, it’s more realistic if we all chose to cut it down. And that would sure translate into lesser air and sound pollution.

8. Be fire safe: Check the fire extinguishers in your building, and ensure you keep a few buckets of water handy, particularly near the place you’re bursting crackers to guard against any possible fire breakout!

9. Buy some ear plugs! The decibel levels sure go up during Diwali, thanks to all those monstrously noisy crackers. Make sure to protect your ears from these loud noises by using ear plugs!

10. Gift healthy this Diwali! Instead of those ghee-loaded traditional sweets, pick up fruit baskets or dried fruits for your friends and family. Next, choose more eco-friendly options such as paper bags and such instead of glossy wrapping paper and polythene bags to wrap your gifts.

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