The secret of Tulip Joshi’s glowing skin

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From her debut in 2002 as an actress in the movie ‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’ to date, the glow of good health on Tulip Joshi has only increased. We caught up with her to ask her the secret behind her fresh good looks.

Chatting with Tulip Joshi

Q. Tulip, you've seen success as a model and an actress and you've always been in great shape. Is fitness about looking good or feeling healthy to you?

A. Fitness is first about being healthy from inside and outside and that includes body, mind and soul. When these three are healthy, you automatically feel good and when you feel good, you glow thereby automatically looking good too!

Q. What's your fitness regimen like these days?

A. Lots of yoga and some cardio. No Pilates, no weights and no aerobics. I also like to swim whenever I can.

Tulip Joshi's skin secrets

Q. Your glowing skin is the envy of many. Tell us about your skincare regimen. Any secrets you swear by?

A. This may surprise you but I haven’t visited a parlour in three years and hardly use any fancy creams. I simply drink lots and lots of water, follow a pure vegetarian diet, eat lots of greens and undertake no stress. Creams are secondary to all this and I feel any good moisturiser is enough in terms of skin care.


Q. How about food? Is there anything you make sure you eat or avoid eating?

A. I am a vegan. That means I eat no dairy products and stick to pure vegetarian food. As much as possible I stick to greens and live food. I avoid anything with preservatives and any canned or packed and processed food.

The secret of Tulip Joshi’s glowing skin

Q. The film industry can be a stressful one. How do you handle stress and what do you to remain positive and upbeat?

I’ve never been part of the numbers game. From the beginning till now I’ve stuck to doing one film every year and never got involved in any scandals or controversies. So the stress in this profession doesn’t affect me.

Q. Any health/fitness/diet advice for our readers?

Yes. Please become vegetarian. Nothing works better than good old Indian sciences like yoga, Jain life style, and thinking happy thoughts. Stay blessed.

Photographs courtesy Tulip Joshi