Weekend Top 10 – Tips for Healthy Fathers

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All you fathers out there doing such a great job of raising your kids, it's time to take a break and think about your own well-being.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Fathers

Want to see your kids grow up healthy and happy? Then lead by example! As Father’s Day rolls in, we have some simple and practical tips for all you doting dads out there. After all, a healthy and happy you equals healthy and happy children.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Fathers 

  1. Work-life balance 

Most Indian urban homes today are a mix of traditional and modern. So while men are still the primary providers; they’re also heavily involved in bringing up their kids, maintaining fulfilling marriages with their wives and being good sons to their parents. Doing it all perfectly is an impossible task for anyone. Understand your limitations, and try and maintain a balance between the different facets of your life.

2. Talk

Men are not big on talking. Especially on topics besides cricket and the share market! But do make an effort to talk to your wife and kids. Would you rather have your kids remember you as a strict old man who sat and grunted or a communicative dad who taught them important life lessons?

3. Go outside

Life is undoubtedly busy. And most parents, especially dads, don’t get to spend as much time with their kids as they’d like to. So it’s important that in the time you do spend with them, a large chunk should be spent outdoors. Outdoor activity makes you both healthier and time away from the TV and breathing fresh air is always a good idea.

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4. Eat your greens

Dad or not, everybody likes junk food. However, now you have an extra responsibility towards your kids’ and your own health. So set an example of healthy eating by enjoying your greens on the dinner table. They’re good for you and your the little ones!

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5. Learn to compartmentalise

Often we bring work stress back home, as well as take our worries about our family to work with us. To stay sane and be able to give your best to different spheres of your life, it’s essential to learn to compartmentalise.

6. Go have fun

Just because you’re a dad now does not mean you can’t play golf or go out for an adults only evening every now and then. Go have a good time. Your children will appreciate a happy dad.

7. Get a health check-up

Regular health checks can save lives. Take the time to get your annual health check-up and lead a healthy, worry-free life.

8. Spiritual health counts

Be it meditation, religion or an inspirational book or music, you must take the necessary measures to improve your spiritual health. It’ll bring you the peace of mind and focus required to juggle your many roles.

9. Make time for yourself

Alone time is essential in everybody’s life. And while it can get difficult to do it with all the different people and projects that want your attention, do make it a point to keep some time just for yourself. Pursue a hobby, go for a run or just sit and think by yourself.

10. Go offline

Now that you’re done reading this article, shut down your computer, turn off the TV, switch off your smart phone and just go spend some quality time with your family.

Happy Father's Day!

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Photograph by Hector Landaeta, via sxc.hu

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